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DAW Logistics Ltd is a document storage company servicing York, Harrogate and the surrounding areas.  We serve a variety of clients including solicitors, accountants, public bodies and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Many of our clients require document storage services because they are required by law to hold documents for a set amount of time.  To ensure documents are safely secured for this required period, we provide highly secure facilities in York.

Collecting and storing your documents

When you sign up to our York document storage service, all of your documents will be collected via our courier services.  When you request your documents, we either return your document boxes via courier or send you the documents electronically via our scan-on-demand service.

Benefits you receive

When you choose to store your documents at our York facility, you instantly gain back valuable office space.  This space may be used for more profitable endeavors that do not involve storage.  Office space is typically far costlier than storing your documents with us.

You thus save money as well as space when you choose to achieve your documents with us.  Furthermore, office-based document storage is likely to present a health and safety or fire risk.  Transferring document boxes to our highly secure facility goes some way to eliminating these risks.

Storing documents at your facility may also result in document theft.  If documents contain confidential information, you have a duty to store these documents in a place that’s highly secure and thus unlikely to be targeted by criminals.  Our York facility is highly secure meaning the risk of document theft is all but avoided.

Highly secure storage space

We have installed a modern CCTV system that covers our facility twenty-four hours a day which ensures your documents are not at risk of being acquired by criminals who could use information contained in your documents for fraudulent purposes.

Organisations we work with

The service we provide in York, Harrogate and surrounding areas is ideal for a wide range of businesses and organisations such as colleges, hospitals, local councils, banks, accountants, churches, solicitors and many more.

Contact us today

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your document storage needs, contact us today on 0800 015 5778.  Alternatively, contact us through this website.

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    The benefits of using DAW Logistics Ltd

    • We can easily arrange a fast move in (same day if necessary)

    • Clean, modern, bright and dry storage

    • Unlimited and easy access whenever you need it

    • Flexible agreements from a minimum of 2-weeks

    • The constant reassurance of 24/7 CCTV security

    • You are limiting the employees that can access, so keeping items safer

    • Through partnerships, we can also offer a scan or shed service

    • We are often less than 40% of the true cost of City Centre Office space you could be putting to better use.

    How long must you retain your documents

    Accounts Payable Ledgers

    7 years

    Accounts Receivable Ledgers

    7 years

    Employment Applications

    3 years

    Bank Statements

    7 years

    Contracts & Leases


    Purchase Orders

    5 years

    Safety Records

    6 years

    Training Manuals


    Deeds and Mortgages


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