Legal Document Storage in York and Harrogate

If you are a busy solicitor, barrister or registered conveyancer who requires a secure legal document storage solution for your many clients’ legal documentation, look no further than DAW Logistics Ltd.  Our service means you can be assured your legal documents will be 100% safe from the wrong hands as your documents will be stored in our secure and CCTV monitored storage facility in Full Sutton, York.

We utilise a legal documentation retrieval system which means you are able to access otherwise hard-to-find legal documents within minutes rather than hours! If you do not store documents electronically you can assess physical documents the same day using our express service.

Legal document storage from criminal law to company law

Legal records we currently store for our clients include:

  • Conveyancing records relating to registered and unregistered land
  • Documentation relating to civil and criminal proceedings
  • Company law documents
  • Family law documents
  • Non-contentious legal documents such as wills

DAW Logistics Ltd is registered as a Data Processor and Data Controller as per the Data Protection Act 1998.  This means our service is faultless when it comes to legal requirements as per the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Complying with Law Society and SRA rules

Since law firms are required to retain client documentation for an extended six year period after the client’s retainer has concluded, our facility is continuously monitored by a CCTV system.  This means our clients can have utter piece of mind that their client documentation is secure and safe from the wrong hands.

Offering a ‘one stop shop’ for all legal document storage needs

DAW Logistics Ltd provides a ‘full’ legal documentation management service to York and Harrogate’s many legal practices.  Our service extended to:

  • Legal document scanning
  • Document box storage
  • Legal document shredding

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Our comprehensive document storage service can ensure the correct procedures are in place following the storage of your documents.

For a quote or further information on document storage services please call now 0800 015 5778 or fill in an enquiry form.

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    The benefits of using DAW Logistics Ltd

    • We can easily arrange a fast move in (same day if necessary)

    • Clean, modern, bright and dry storage

    • Unlimited and easy access whenever you need it

    • Flexible agreements from a minimum of 2-weeks

    • The constant reassurance of 24/7 CCTV security

    • You are limiting the employees that can access, so keeping items safer

    • Through partnerships, we can also offer a scan or shed service

    • We are often less than 40% of the true cost of City Centre Office space you could be putting to better use.

    How long must you retain your documents

    Accounts Payable Ledgers

    7 years

    Accounts Receivable Ledgers

    7 years

    Employment Applications

    3 years

    Bank Statements

    7 years

    Contracts & Leases


    Purchase Orders

    5 years

    Safety Records

    6 years

    Training Manuals


    Deeds and Mortgages


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