Off-site Media Storage

Valuable data your business has harvested over the lifetime of its existence is unarguably extremely valuable.  And due to the risk of fire or theft, choosing to store all your valuable data locally at your premises is a risk you surely cannot afford to take, equally from a financial and legal standpoint. In fact data loss following fire or flooding has been known to cause more problems for business than the actual damage to property.

Securing historic or archive data that you do not often access in the cloud can be expensive.  DAW Logistics Ltd offers you a cost effective solution to store this type of data.

Safe and secure media storage you can reply on

DAW Logistics Ltd is able to safely and securely transport your valuable data contained on tapes, drives and even video to our facility in York.  Should your business premises be engulfed by fire or drowned in a flood you can be assured backup copies of your data exist allowing you to return to normal business operational capacity without undue and costly delays.  Our service will also protect your data should your systems succumb to a malicious computer virus, malware or ransomware.

Our staff will take care of the ‘tape rotation’ process ensuring all new data gets protected within a short period after the data is created.  DAW Logistics Ltd adds to its value literally thousands of addition terabytes each week in this way.

A service fit for public and private organisations alike

Our service is suitable for a wide range of media and include the following business and organisational types:

  • Police
  • Hospitals
  • Educational facilities
  • Private companies such as law firms, accountants and IT companies
  • Ecommerce
  • TV and film production companies
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Recording companies

A tailored service to meet your specific needs

Our service complies with the various statutory and industry-set regulations our customers are subject to when it comes to the safe securement of confidential data.  Your internal security standards will be met and in fact often surpassed when you choose DAW Logistics Ltd to store your media.  The initial consultation process attempts to uncover your internal security requirements to ensure we’re both on the same page.

All our drivers are CRB and security vetted.  We shall agree issues such as how frequent we are to collect data from your premises in the initial consultation.

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    The benefits of using DAW Logistics Ltd

    • We can easily arrange a fast move in (same day if necessary)

    • Clean, modern, bright and dry storage

    • Unlimited and easy access whenever you need it

    • Flexible agreements from a minimum of 2-weeks

    • The constant reassurance of 24/7 CCTV security

    • You are limiting the employees that can access, so keeping items safer

    • Through partnerships, we can also offer a scan or shed service

    • We are often less than 40% of the true cost of City Centre Office space you could be putting to better use.

    How long must you retain your documents

    Accounts Payable Ledgers

    7 years

    Accounts Receivable Ledgers

    7 years

    Employment Applications

    3 years

    Bank Statements

    7 years

    Contracts & Leases


    Purchase Orders

    5 years

    Safety Records

    6 years

    Training Manuals


    Deeds and Mortgages


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